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Through my travels as a Wildlife Filmmaker & Photographer, I have never been so amazed at the beauty of our planet. This is a short showreel of my travels, adventures, explorations, and sights that I have had the privilege of viewing, For your consideration,T.D.Marks Showreel Camera Operator, Director, & Photographer 2015.

Canon, in partnership with FRANCE 2 and Winds, is proud to present the documentary “La Nuit des Eléphants”! For the first time, this documentary shot in 4K UHD will show you the reality of the wildlife during the night, including colors, thanks to the cameras Canon EOS-1D C and EOS C500

This short story is off my adventure trip to gonarezhou national park, zimbabwe. Gonarezhou National Park is a national park located in south-eastern Zimbabwe. It is situated in a relatively remote corner of Masvingo Province, south of Chimanimani along the Mozambique border. Owing to its vast size, rugged terrain and its location away from main tourist routes, large tracts of Gonarezhou remain as pristine wilderness. Gonarezhou is a Shona name meaning “Place of many Elephants.” It forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, a peace park that links Gonarezhou with the Kruger National Park in South Africa and the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique.

Animal Avengers & Shannon Elizabeth are heading back to Africa at the end of April 2016. They are working hard to support local people & organizations doing exceptional work in the war against poaching & saving our animals.

This is my first short 4K film project focusing on the benefits of using 4K Filmmaking equipment in wildlife filmmaking/photography. Shot just outside Harare, Zimbabwe out at Lake Chivero.Lake Chivero Recreational Park is about 6,100 hectares in extent including the 16 km long lake.The shoreline of the entire water body covers approximately 48 kilometres. The game park which opened in 1962 occupies around 1,867 hectares and holds a variety of game; most of which has been introduced from the Hwange game reserve.

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