Pre-Production Planning

At T.D.Marks Film & Photography, we value the importance of planning and scripting videos and photographic shoots specific to the needs of your audience. This work involves organising, planning and researching everything that will happen in your media production. This includes collecting and verifying information, such as who’ll be interviewed, the location if the film crew will fit if the budget will stretch and so on. We know the importance of responsible fact-checking, writing briefs for presenters and ensuring that the video production adheres to appropriate legislation. With our research, you can be assured that we will pursue the following:

  • meeting with producers, directors, designers, presenters and writers to discuss the research needs of the media project.
  • generating and developing new programme ideas.
  • conveying findings accurately to others in reports and briefs.
  • sourcing and researching facts, figures and information using the internet, film and tape archives, specialist collections, picture libraries, museums and government departments.
  • assessing contributors’ suitability for the programme, researching and booking appropriate people and locations.
  • booking resources and facilities.
  • briefing scriptwriters and presenters on topics, updating scripts and editing news reports.
  • sourcing copyright for literary and music sources and gaining clearance for any materials used.
  • negotiating broadcasting rights and producing information and fact sheets for websites.
  • providing research to production staff in a clear, concise format and tracking down film, archive and videotapes.
  • finding interviewees to conduct initial interviews with and getting vox-pop responses to current events from members of the public.