At T.D.Marks Film & Photography, we value the importance of crafting a visually stunning story, whether video or photographic, shooting to the specific needs of your audience that is unique in every aspect. We have experience in:

  • Studio – where you follow a camera script, which gives the order of shots. This is practised at rehearsal and is cued by the director during recording.
  • Outside broadcast (OB) – working as part of a team of camera operators filming live events, such as sporting and ceremonial occasions and music performances.
  • On location – where there is likely to be more opportunity for creativity through suggesting shots.

We are driven by crafting the best story for you and the audience. It is an art, a technique and a science to be able to tell a powerful story.

  • Art (Concept, Planning, & Pre-Production) – every story has creative elements that should shine through, whether it is a beautiful composition of people, the majestic landscape, or seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary everyday events around, it takes an artistic eye and flair to see this.
  • Technique (Filming & Production) – every story has technical elements that make up the structure of the story. Whether it is aerial photography, time-lapse filming, interviewing contributors, or high-speed cinematography, understanding how these fit in your story can make the difference between an amateur and professional product.
  • Science (Post-Production Editing, Market Placement, & Digital Footprint)  –  every story has structure and great stories are not created by accident. They have a beginning, middle, and end. We strive to bring a well-presented story that has form, structure and clearly outlines the message it is sending.

These elements make up the core of filming and producing high-quality videos at T.D.Marks Film & Photography. For further information about specific information on filming and photographing your project, Please go to the contact us page where we will be happy to assist you.