The Beauty of Dreams

The dream of trying to make wildlife conservation and management work in Zimbabwe has been the pursuit of many people, but they do not succeed in reaching their goal. This is the story Robin & Kathy Mackintosh creating that vision in the middle of an unstable climate of Zimbabwe during the tourism boom of the early 90’s and the political instability of the early 2000’s .

Findoko – The story of Mai Hwata

If you ever felt like your at the bottom of a pit with no way out, Mai Hwata has been there. But if there has ever been a place for God to work a miracle, then this is story that shows it. This is a story of transformation and how one women with God’s help has managed to over come the obstacles of poverty, starvation, and depression with the saving grace of Jesus.

Operation of Hope

Operation of Hope provides life-changing surgical care, healthcare & medical training programs in under-served areas of the world through international collaboration among medical & non-medical volunteers, empowered by corporate and individual sponsors.

The gift of life-changing surgery is possible due to a combination of our passion and your donations. We encourage you to play a vital role in our continued effort to provide surgical answers for the many families who need our help.

A Breath of Life

In the remote rural hospital, at the heart of the province of Bansang, the Gambia, a network of individuals strives to save the lives of neonates in this small community.

Finding themselves unshaken by the overwhelming statistics of neonatal deaths, Mariama, Anita, and Robert are united by their desire to bring affordable medical care in the form of a robust and revolutionary technology.

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