Harare, Zimbabwe

Wildlife/Natural History

Through my travels as a Wildlife Filmmaker & Photographer, I have never been so amazed at the beauty of our planet. This is a passion of mine in filming the natural world. I like to share my travels, adventures, explorations, and sights of the natural world.


Shining on light culturally relevant topics or exploring the depths and struggles of individuals is at the heart of documentary film-making. I like to explore these complex ideas through the art and media of film and share them with people.

Music Video/Performance

The energy and emotion that is communicated in the visual expression that is a music video or musical performance is something that is very close to my heart. I like to connect with the music to best capture the spirit behind the song.

Corporate/Company Profiles

Whether you are looking for that clean interview to communicate your companies vision and mission statement or your trying to show and tell the market about your product, a strong message in your corporate video gets you in front of the right people. I like to bring these perspectives together to show your customers what your company is about.

Time-Lapse Cinematography

Time-lapse photography/cinematography technique whereby we are manipulating time. Objects and events that would normally take minutes, days, hours, or months can be viewed to completion in seconds having been sped up by factors of tens to millions.These videos add a very high-production value to any project. However, they are complicated, time-consuming and need a lot of planning. I strive to capture these time-lapse sequences that add the “wow” factor to your video.

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