Film-Making & Photographic Services

T.D.Marks Film & Photography is a media production company based out of Harare, Zimbabwe. Our services range from producing digital video content, promotional material, live events, television broadcasting as well as short-form documentaries that focus on current cultural and environmental topics. We strive to inspire, educate, and entertain people with produce world-class digital material suited to your specific needs

Planning & Scripting

Every text, image, emotion, thought, and idea is important. We create the story that is emotion driven on paper first.

Film/TV Production

The importance of crafting a visually stunning story of your vision by capturing the moment.

Editing & Graphics

Assembling recorded raw material/footage into a finished video product that speaks to mind and soul of your audience.

Media Product & Market

Knowing the options of where to take your video is the crucial last stage before you take your project to the world.

Field Work

With T.D.Marks Film & Photography you can enjoy seeing the process of production from concept to product!

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